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This week is the final meeting of The Thousand Dollar Tan Line. We have moved the #VMBookclub to You can find us under groups as The Veronica Mars Book Club.


Following is a list of basic instructions. As this is our first time running a book club on Twitter, these are subject to change and we are more than open to suggestions from participants.  So, don't hesitate to let us know if you have idea on how to improve the process or the experience.

1. Please identify which chapter you are talking about by listing the Ch_____.

2. Please keep comments and conversation focused on the current chapter(s) being discussed. Although most of us have probably read the book in its entirety, we don't want to give away any spoilers or things to come for those who have not read ahead.

3. Please ask questions. The fun of the book club is to engage each other. We are all likely to take away different impressions from the book, let's explore our different perspectives.

4. Please be respectful to your fellow book clubbers. We may not all share the same opinions or ideals, but all are welcome!

5. Speaking of opinions, we may engage with followers who's opinions/views are not necessarily those shared by Neptune Rising. However, we want to facilitate conversation between all fans.

5. Let's have fun!


Below are some screen shots and topic points we'll be using for each chapter. Our moderator will tweet these before we start discussing each chapter.

Prologue-Ch.7          Ch.8-Ch.14          Ch.15-Ch.21          Ch.22-Ch.28          Ch.29-Ch.34          Ch.35-Ch.39