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You may be wondering why we’ve been noticeably absent from the #VeronicaMarsS4onNetflix campaign. It’s not that we don’t support the movement, quite the contrary actually. We not only support the idea of Veronica Mars on Netflix, but support the idea of Veronica Mars on any and all possible mediums.

Our group of admins have dedicated countless time and energy to saving Veronica Mars and we have no intention on stopping any time soon. Some of us would rather see Veronica Mars back on network or cable television in abbreviated seasons (akin to Dr. Who) or as several mini-series such as Sherlock. Others are in support of a web series revival. Some enjoyed seeing it on the silver screen so much they’d prefer to stick with movies. However, one thing is certain; we will support any and all avenues that keep Veronica Mars moving forward (including books, graphic novels, etc).   As such we would like to launch the #MoreVeronicaMars campaign. More Veronica Mars means not limiting our efforts to just one outlet or one medium, but being open to More Veronica Mars in whichever avenues present themselves.

Who wants to join us in advocating for #MoreVeronicaMars?  Tweet @WBPictures, @WBHomeEnt & @WarnerBrosEnt for more movies. Tweet @Netflix, @Amazonvideo, @Hulu, and @CWSeed for a possible web series.  Tweet  @CWTV to bring Veronica Mars back to the television. Tweet @randomhouse and @VintageAnchor for more books.  Feel free to tweet other options we haven’t thought of with #MoreVeronicaMars and tag us, so we can join.


For further explanation about why we chose #MoreVeronicaMars, read on…..

The caveat to #VeronicaMarsS4onNetflix is we’re not 100% convinced that Netflix is a viable option to continue Veronica’s story. Given the exclusive deal between Amazon and Warner Brothers for streaming rights to the series, and Amazon’s recent foray into original series hosting, it seems feasible (if not likely) that if Veronica Mars lives on in a web series it would be via Amazon and not Netflix.  This is pure speculation on our part, but it seems like a logical assumption. There’s also the unknown of the CW Seed and what that could mean for Veronica Mars, aside from hosting Ryan’s Dick Casablancas spin-off.

Although most of us would love to see Veronica in a web series, there are a lot of legal and logistical problems that may prevent this from becoming a reality. As Kristen has mentioned, contract commitments prevent her, and most actors, from being the face of more than one concurrent television show. She is one of the faces of House of Lies and now Ryan is on Bad Teacher.  If there aren't loopholes to get around these contract exclusions in a web series format, movies may be the way to go. Rob, Kristen, and Jason have all mentioned Veronica Mars living on in a movie franchise.

Marshmallows, we've been very fortunate. Right after we got the movie we fought so hard for, we were given #MoreVeronicaMars in the form of The Thousand Dollar Tan Line. We've enjoyed this book so much, we would welcome as many books as @RobThomas and @jgriffingraham would write! All that being said, we just want #MoreVeronicaMars!