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#VeronicaMarsRewatch with Ryan Hansen (@HiRyanHansen) aka Dick Casablancas

2/17/14  S3ep4 Charlie Don’t Surf


@HiRyanHansen: Questions.  Use #AskVM. Go. #VeronicaMarsRewatch


Q: Ryan, do you lurk around Tumblr just to see what the fandom is posting etc?

A: I’ve been known to lurk around a blog or two.

Credit: @bmarsecholls


Q: You seem like the one to do pranks on the show and movie…what was your best prank?

A: I don’t remember the best prank from @veronicamars.  I put a duck in @mradmascott’s trailer on @PartyDown.



Q: Which premiere(s) you going to be at? Have you taught Jason to tweet yet?

A: I will be at all premieres and parties.  Currently hydrating for the occasion.  As for @jason_dohring, let’s all pray.

Credit: @ELSchaaf


Q: Do your kids get to see the cute little vids you guys do (like MTC training) & laugh at you?

A: My oldest daughter didn’t stop watching Dick Party for a week.

Credit: @ELSchaaf


Q: Do you have a favorite episode or scene you did on VM?

A: No.  I like ‘em all.  Next question. 

Credit: @kaydeefab


Q: You cleaned up nice for the straight-nerdy Andy on 2 Broke Girls.  Great acting or makeup wardrobe?

A: Definitely makeup and wardrobe.

Credit: @blueoysterdvp


Q: Ryan, Dick is usually so happy-go-lucky!  How do you get into character for the more emotional scenes?

A: Pull out a bar hair or two.

Credit: @BriannaBell


Q: So, I have an hour to get a response from @HiRyanHansen.  Time to come up with some really clever questions.

A: Great question, Maria!

Credit: @mariamichelexo


Q: Who would you like to have played on VM if you hadn’t played Dick?

A: Felix Tombs.

Credit: @mrsflickerman


Q: What kind of character growth would you like to see Dick go through?

A: Girth :)

Credit: tiaramarie0587


Referencing tweet: “I think this was one of my first big scenes with @ricocolantoni.  I was actually pretty nervous.” 

Q: Why were you nervous?

A: I hadn’t worked with @ricocolantoni much before that scene and he’s the coolest.  I wanted him to like me.  Now he and I are best buds AND fastest poster signers.

Credit: @ELSchaaf


Q: How long did it take you to do your hair?

A: Took me no time at all.  Took my wife about 15-20 minutes.

Credit: @starwars531


Q: Did you have any say in the blonde-ness of Dick’s hair?  It varied a bit.

A: It depended on the strength of the chemical in the foils in my hair.

Credit: @bellwethereevent


Referencing tweet: “I brought a monkey to set that day.  A real monkey.  For real.”

Q: uhhh, details???

A: My sister-in-law used to have a monkey.  Her name was Abbey.

Credit: @VMarsConfession


Q: Do you think Dick would’ve ever hooked up w/his stepmom? Trying 2 understand his moral compass.

A: Yes.  Hot is hot.  For Dick, of course.

Credit: @margaretglaser


Q: Favorite Dick line?

A: There are just too many, i.e. “This wetsuit’s like a cheap hotel: no ballroom.”

Credit: @Loren7692


Q: How did you come to audition for veronica mars?

A: I actually auditioned to be Duncan first.  Then I auditioned as Dick after the show was picked up. Basically, I was an extra.

Credit: @swiftiefan6


Q: Most embarrassing moment on set?

A: Dancing in a Speedo at SDSU while high school friends walked by on the way to class.  That was embarrassing/awesome.

Credit: @kavyyaa


Q: What’s your favorite tv show?

A: Game of Thrones and Sherlock.  And wipeout.

Credit: @marshmellow314


Q: What would you have liked to see Dick do that he didn’t

A: Maybe organizing a dance flash mob?

Credit: @seriosilly


Q: Mac, Parker, Jackie, Jane, Meg, or Veronica?

A: All of them.  At the same time.  Okay, fine.  Just Veronica.

Credit: @ShelleyHayhurst


Q: If you were able to take one thing from the set, what would it be?

A: I took the one thing: my surfboard.  Hold on.

A: Still got it. [tweets pic with surfboard]

Credit: @Lwass07


Q: Desert island situation.  What three items would Dick bring?

A: Veronica, Gia, Mac.

Credit: @sapph13


Q: Is it true you started getting lines on the show because the production manager liked your hair?

A: You mean @danetheridge?  Yep.

Credit: @lexilicious


Q: Did you know @IMKristenBell before @veronicamars or did the show make you two such good friends?

A: Met @IMKristenBell on @veronicamars and unfortunately hit it off.  Day 1.

Credit: @jschleew


Q: What has been your favorite part of the whole kickstarter campaign?

A: Finding out how much @veronicamars still means to everyone.

Credit: @susanmichelin


Q: Team Logan or Team Piz?

A: Team Logan.  Stop asking me.

Credit: @Lola_Here


Q: What do you miss most about the show?

A: Working in San Diego. @RobThomas and the cast.

Credit: @swiftiefan6


Q: What do you miss most about the show?

A: Being Dick.

Credit: @swiftiefan6


Q: What’s your favorite t-shirt that you wore during the show?

A: “Trust Me, I’m Rich”

Credit: @dalgetty


Q: How much did you practice your first line “Logan” for your audition?  They made a great choice.  Thank god for good hair.

A: I almost didn’t show up to shoot my one word, because I was in Bye Bye Birdie at @CYTSanDiego.  Managed to do both.  Ha!

Credit: @marnicakes


Q: Is it true what they say about Piz?

A: What does ANYONE say about Piz?

Credit: @bondad


Q: Around which episode did you find out you would become a regular on the show?

A: I literally didn’t know I was a regular until I saw my face in the opening credits of S2 & almost crapped my pants.

Credit: @KimberlyFritz


Q: Can you bring a copy of the movie to my hometown since it’s not playing here? My living room can hold 4 people.

A: No.

Credit: @florabelle444


Q: If you could be on any show out on TV now, what would it be?

A: Downton Abbey.  Sip tea with Maggie Smith all day.

Credit: @teh1337geek


Q: If you were a wrestler, what would your ring name be and what would you have as your finishing move?

A: Good question, Lorelai.  Ring name: Killer Cobra.  I’ll get back to you on the finishing move.

Credit: @Lorelai_Lee


Q: I really just want to be tweeted to by Dick

A: Consider yourself tweeted.

Credit: @susanmichelin


@HiRyanHansen: So many good questions!! I wish I could answer them all but I have to go wash my hair.  Will answer more another time!