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Transcript of #VeronicaMarsRewatch with Percy Daggs III (@PDaggsIII) aka Wallace Fennel 
Season 2, Episode 12: Rashard and Wallace Go to White Castle


@PDaggsIII:  what’s up marshmallows? who’s doing this thing with me? #VeronicaMarsRewatch


@PDaggsIII:  ok marshmallows, i’ve got a facebook page now. show me some love. #VeronicaMarsRewatch


@NeptuneRising:  Ok marshmallows! Press PLAY! S2ep12 Rashard and Wallace Go to White Castle.   @PDaggsIII #VeronicaMarsRewatch


@PDaggsIII:  oh my god, that hair is TERRIBLE. look at that. lol #VeronicaMarsRewatch

@PDaggsIII:  i remember that cafeteria lunch area like it was my own high school. #VeronicaMarsRewatch


Q:  that's pretty cool doing the one shot take - walking down the hall and then to the quad 

A:  walk and talks aren’t the easiest thing. that took me a second to get right.

Credit:  @VMarsConfessions


@PDaggsIII:  i’ve got a little bit of a nip slip going on there. u guys see that?? #VeronicaMarsRewatch


@PDaggsIII:  that’s my boy right there. bj britt. he’s on being mary jane right now. check him out. good dude, GREAT to work with. #VeronicaMarsRewatch


@PDaggsIII:  i don’t even REMEMBER this. hanging out the window. lol. #VeronicaMarsRewatch


@PDaggsIII:  i love this father daughter relationship. @IMKristenBell and @ricocolantoni were perfect. #VeronicaMarsRewatch


@PDaggsIII:  poor wally. #VeronicaMarsRewatch


@PDaggsIII:  we had to do a lot of takes to get past that line. we couldn’t stop laughing long enough to do it. #VeronicaMarsRewatch


@PDaggsIII:  THIS was fun to shoot. is that jennifer lopez on the music? #VeronicaMarsRewatch



@PDaggsIII:  man, it’s been way too long since i’ve seen @TThompsonYES #VeronicaMarsRewatch



@PDaggsIII:  so much fun shooting that day with @IMKristenBell and @TThompsonYES. #VeronicaMarsRewatch


@PDaggsIII:  phones were different back then. that was actually MY phone. lol! #VeronicaMarsRewatch


@PDaggsIII:  yeah, know what? i don’t care what you say. that hair looks awesome. #VeronicaMarsRewatch


@PDaggsIII:  that wasn’t too bad at all. i thought it would be harder to watch. #VeronicaMarsRewatch


@PDaggsIII:  alright, @NeptuneRising marshmallows with questions use #AskVM right? #VeronicaMarsRewatch


Q:  so i gatta ask again, how does it feel to see yourself from a decade ago? 

A:  Watching myself is always tough for me, but I enjoyed it. Brought back a lot of memories. and it was great to watch it with all of you! 

Credit:  @VMarsConfession


Q:  you're going to rewatch a show starring yourself from a decade ago ;) how does it feel?

A:  ask me in an hour LOL

Credit:  @VMarsConfession


Q:  team Jane or team Jackie?

A:  hahaha no comment.

Credit:  @VMarsConfession


Q:  Percy, did you play basketball growing up?

A:  from the YMCA up thru high school! wanted to play in college but started filming Blue Hill Avenue

Credit:  @BriannaBell


Q:  Percy - how did you like working with @1loveCress (Cress Williams) playing your dad?

A:  fantastic. i would LOVE to work w @1loveCress again. he let me pick his brain & i learned a lot

Credit:  @BriannaBell


Q:  Percy was that a real school or a really big set?

A:  the high school cafeteria was a set down in san diego at stu segall studios.

Credit:  @starwars531


Q:  Did they use the same set area for the college and remodel it or completely different?

A:  we used some of the same set pieces for college but shot a lot of hearst at SDSU.

Credit:  @margaretglaser


Q:  Favorite Wallace scene?

A:  i don’t know if i can choose one scene, but if i had to pick, season one was my favorite.

Credit:  @susanmichelin


Q:  Favorite Wallace Line?

A:  once you guys started calling yourselves marshmallows, my favorite was “You’re a marshmallow, VM.”

Credit:  @AHay04


Q:  When you got the part of Wallace, did you realize how big a deal it was?

A:  yes! lol. it was my first series regular role so i knew it was a big deal for me.  couldn’t have imagined that i’d be shooting a MOVIE for it 10 years later

Credit:  ‏@epictrueLoVe 


Q:  Since the premiere questions are being asked...will you be at the Austin premiere? 

A:  i will! first time in austin!

Credit:  @scgirl_at_heart 


Q:  Will you be at the LA premiere? I'm a HUGE fan and would love to finally meet you! 

A:  absolutely! wouldn’t miss it.

Credit:  @Lola_Here 


Q:  Which character do you wish you had more scenes with?

A:  @AllCharisma! lol! one scene with charisma carpenter would have been better than none.  seriously though, more scenes w @franciscapra would have been interesting b/c of how that relationship started

Credit:  @epictrueLoVe 


Q:  Thanks for tweeting along!! Are Snickerdoodles your favorite cookie in real life as well?

A:  no. my favorite cookie in real life is probably oatmeal raisin.

Credit:  @AHay04


Q: what do you miss most about Shooting Veronica Mars

A:  having a full-time job! that’s the honest thing i miss the most. Lol  but being with that cast AND in san diego was awesome. miss that.

Credit :  @sonostephanie


Q:  Before tonight had you watched any episodes...ever?

A:  yeah, for sure! a lot of my family was into the show, so sometimes i watched it with them. 

Credit:  @comet9443


Q:  did you get to keep anything from the set?

A:  i kept a few things from the set, yeah. i kept wallace’s basketball uniform, the cap & gown …and maybe some shoes i liked. no proof tho. don’t tell salvador perez. lol



Q:  Ever wish Wallace ended up with Veronica? 

A:  the thought crossed my mind once, but when relationships go bad, people get fired & written out!  being the BFF was better job security! 

Credit:  @Lola_Here


Q:  what would you get at White Castle?

A:  do they sell anything but hamburgers?

Credit:  @DrClaraO


Q:  how did you find out that the veronica mars movie was going to be made?

A:  i got an email from @robthomas that he might be doing a @kickstarter.   then you guys stepped up!

Credit:  @swiftiefan6 


Q:  how would you sum up the Veronica Mars movie? 

A:  well, mtv says we’re the most anticipated movie of 2014. i’ll go with that. lol

Credit:  @trisa24 


Q:  Which actor made you break character the most when you were filming?

A:  close tie between @ricocolantoni and @IMKristenBell.  probably KB b/c i worked w her more.

Credit:  ‏@VMsteenbeans


Q:  Was there anything (either personally or something you wanted Wallace to do) on the show that you never got to?

A:  would have been cool for wallace & keith to solve a crime on their own to save V maybe.  but @RobThomas knew what he was doing, so no complaints!

Credit:  @core013


Q:  Would you like to visit Ireland sometime? Have a pint of Guinness maybe? Leixlip 1st pint was drawn

A:  don’t drink, but i’d love to go to ireland!

Credit:  @StevieMcQuillan


Q:  I hear there was karaoke at the wrap party, @PDaggsIII. What would you sing (or did you sing)? ;) 

A:  at the wrap party, @ivanovitch tricked me & @franciscapra into singing “this is how we do it.  and if that video ever gets out, @ivanovitch and i aren’t friends anymore. lol. 

Credit:  @scgirl_at_heart


Q:  In what ways are you like or not like Wallace? And btw, Wallace is perfection

A:  perfection? then i’m JUST like him. lol. 

Credit:  @DrClaraO 


Q:  How did it feel in Hall H at Comic Con?

A:  hall H at comic con was special.  amazing.

Credit:  @epictrueLoVe     


Q:  If you weren't an actor . . . What would you like to be doing instead?

A:  i used to think i wanted to be president when i was a kid.  but i like working w youth and teaching. i’d like to direct.

Credit:  @mprest21 


Q:  Do you play any video games and if so, which ones? 

A:  NBA 2K14 and Madden 14 on @xbox one

Credit:  @rowan_celeste 


Q:  Has there been any talk about follow-ups to the VM movie - either a sequel or even coming back to TV?

A:  don’t know, but if they want to do something, i’m there!

Credit:  @jenrealist 


Q:  Team Logan or Team Piz? 

A:  that’s a trap! lol. i’ve answered this before.

Credit:  @ctracey96


Q:  which VM actor did you reconnect with like you had never missed a beat at the movie shoot?

A:  awesome 2 see everyone but @tinamajorino.  just like old times, sitting outside our trailers again.

Credit:  @KT_CHICKIE 


Q:  What are your favourite films?

A:   i have a LOT of favorites. life, with @eddiemurphy & Martin Lawrence. Bad Boys w Will Smith. 

Credit:  @StevieMcQuillan


Q:  you have a family member whose gonna be in the #VeronicaMarsMovie, right?

A:   no! my little brother played my little brother on the show, but isn’t in the movie! 

Credit:  @VMarsConfession


Q:  Did you donate any of your own money for the kick-starter project? 

A:   sure did!



Q:  How did you get into acting?

A:  started out doing plays in church. then i did some educational vids for schools.  after that, i ended up going to an open casting call for the manager who i’m still with today.

Credit:  @mprest21 


Q:  The most important questions Pepsi or Coke, Xboxone or PS4? 

A:  coke. xbox one.

Credit:  @mirandawagner2


Q: who's your favorite member of @onedirection? 

A:  i don’t know… uh. they’re all good?

Credit:  @icecrmsocialist 


Q:  Do you have an Instagram?

A:  no instagram, but i started a facebook page tonight! maybe i’ll get on instagram soon tho!

Credit:  @mprest21 


Q:  What is your favorite type of music? Fav. Artists/Songs?

A:  i love hip-hop, jazz, r&b. right now, favorite hip- hop artist is @kendricklamar.

Credit:  @08_HOO


Q:  Are your fingers tired from answering questions yet? 

A:  sure are. i think that’s it for me tonight! time to go have dinner with the fam.

Credit:  @noalienloafers 


@PDaggsIII:  marshmallows, thank you all so much for hanging out and watching w me tonight. awesome questions! 


@PDaggsIII:  hope we can do this again sometime. see some of you at the premieres! 


@PDaggsIII:  Selfie, you got it. G'nite!