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#VeronicaMarsRewatch with Chris Lowell (@mrchrislowell) aka Stosh “Piz” Piznarski

2/19/14 Season 3 episode 6 Hi, Infidelity


Chris: Quick, ask me some questions before I pass out.  Use #AskVM, #VeronicaMarsRewatch


Q: Of all your interests- acting, writing, photography, etc- is there one you are most passionate about?

A: No, it’s a tie.

Credit: @BriannaBell


Q: What are your thoughts on the intro song remix?  We know @HiRyanHansen is against it, like me.

A: I love it, but only because it features me in sepia tone.  Also: watch the movie DIG if you want to know more about The Dandy Warhols.

Credit: @bellwetherevent


Q: Aside from the #VeronicaMarsMovie, @ENLISTEDonFOX & #BesideStillWaters what other projects have you been working on?

A: Just finished writing my second movie, ISOLATION/TRIBES.  If any of you are in Austin, you should come to a public reading of the script on March 4th.  Also, they’re screening my first film @BSWFilm on March 3rd.  And at the Atlanta Film Festival on March 29th.  I’ll be there, sobbing to myself.

Credit: @VaritySchwartz


Q: So guessing you didn’t keep the shirt, anything you did keep from the set?

A: I stole a SURFER GIRL poster and hung it in @IMKristenBell’s house.  She’s still thanking me today.  I should have stolen that tennis racket. 

Credit: @Hrs322Brown


Q: Why is Piz so nice?

A: Heavy drug use in his early teenage years.

Credit: @margaretglaser


Q: It’s the first time I listen to your original voice!  Did you listen to your different voices in other countries?

A: No, that’s awesome! I hope I sound more masculine in other countries.

Credit: @shyba


Q: I have to ask.  Whose hair do you think is better in Season 3?  Yours or Dicks?

A: The hair found on a drown decaying wildebeest in Yemen has better hair than both of us.

Credit: @shyba


Q: What do you think is the most “bad boy” thing Piz ever did?

A: Someone sneezed and he DIDN’T say, “Bless you!” HOLY SHIT!

Credit: @CoconutTeaser


Q: Best part of being in the movie!

A: Getting to watch @jason_dohring act….JUST KIDDING!...Getting to watch playback of myself kissing Kristen…JUST KIDDING!...Being in the presence of Tina’s new haircut…TRUTH.

Credit: @suzechooch


@mrchrislowell: @IMKristenBell I’m live tweeting!  I’M LIVE TWEETING #VeronicaMarsRewatch #AskVM #help #lostcause #godismerciful


Q: Can you tell us about the film you are doing the script read of at @austinfilmfest next month in 140 character or less?

A: A boy is arrested robbing a pharmacy and sent away to rehab where he must recount the events that led to the robbery.

Credit: BriannaBell


Q: What do you miss most about shooting Veronica Mars?

A: The food.

Credit: @sonostephanie


Q: Are you considering writing more than just screenplays?

A: Yeah, I hope to!  And thanks for much for the kind words.  Trying to get other work published.  It isn’t easy, America.  They keep telling me I need this thing called “talent”.  What do THEY know?

Credit: @SCGirl_at_Heart


Q: Do you have a favorite scene/episode you worked on for VM?

A: My last episode, where I sing a song called “My Miracle Eye”.

Credit: @kaydeefab


Q: Who’s the funniest cast member?

A: Funniest cast member is @IMKristenBell.  It’s so annoying.

Credit: @ctracey96


Q: Standard question, will you be at the Austin premiere?


Credit: @HoopinJenn


Q: If you had been around for Season 1 who would you have auditioned for?

A: Wait a minute; there was a Season 1?!   Pix.  I would have found a way.

Credit: @Loren7692


Q: Were you a fan of Veronica Mars before being cast as Piz?

A: I had never seen @veronicamars before I auditioned, only heard of it.  Otherwise I never would have gone toe to toe with Logan.

Credit: @AliceMcCarthy13


Q: Will you order me a pizza?

A: Order you a pizza, or order you a pissa?

Credit: @piznarskis


Q: Who is your favorite member of @BriTANick?

A: All of the LIBRAS.

Credit: @adanagirl


Q: Are you going to be at the NYC premiere?


Credit: @ELSchaaf


Q: What was your favorite line/quip on the show?

A: Favorite line was when I said “@RobThomas is a whore.”

Credit: @purpleisafruit_


@mrchrislowell:  I just found out they sold 205 “Team Piz” t-shirts!!!


@mrchrislowell: I bought 204 of them… :(


@mrchrislowell: Which means there’s SOMEONE OUT THERE!!!


@mrchrislowell: Please come find me.  I’ll be the one wearing 204 t-shirts.


Q: What was worse- the hate from LoVe fans or the cougar adoration from Private Practice?

A: I don’t know, but BOY! Would that be an epic tug-of-war or WHAT?!

Credit: @purplero


Q: Are you Team Piz or Team Logan?

A: I’m Team “Chris-Is-Still-Alive-After-The-Movie-Comes-Out.”

Credit: @SimoneNicoleM


Q: Off topic but what camera do you shoot with?

A: A Leica M7 and a Hasselblad 503cc.  All FILM.

Credit: @DTrigo74


Q: In the movie have Piz and Veronica been together since the show ended?

A: Not exactly.  Piz did some hard time up in Folsom for several years.  He and Veronica met back up years later at a weekly meeting for people with sex addiction.

Credit: @TayKillam


Q: Where can I see your sweet photos besides Instagram?

A: You can check out my website,  Also, I’m having a show this summer at Jackson Fine Art in Atlanta.  I just found out I also have a Facebook page.  So…there’s that…

Credit: @Cattackkk


Q: Did you seriously not know what a hellmouth was?!

A: I seriously did not.  I thought it was a typo.  For “helmet”. 

Credit: @ELSchaaf


Q: If I bring snacks can we be bffs, watch VM together and live tweet it all?

A: Yes, if by snacks you mean lobster, oysters, and Faberge eggs. 

Credit: @houiselead


Q: Three favorite things about the VM kickstarter?

A: The fans.  My haircut.  The fans.

Credit: @Leighace


@mrchrislowell:  All right guys, I’ve got to go.  Thank you all so much for taking my “live tweet” virginity.


@mrchrislowell: It was weird for me, too.


@mrchrislowell: Hopefully we can still be friends in the Twittersphere and the Instagramaverse!


@mrchrislowell: (Lamest thing I’ve said all night.)


@mrchrislowell: (Except for maybe “let’s get down to Pizness.”)


@mrchrislowell: Goodnight everyone!  Thank you again!


@mrchrislowell: Bye!


@mrchrislowell: Get out of my apartment!


@mrchrislowell: Wait…You’re not a Twitter person?




@mrchrislowell: No, I don’t have money!!


@mrchrislowell: What do you mean, “I should be afraid?”


@mrchrislowell: Where did you get that sword?!


@mrchrislowell: WHERE DID YOU GET THAT SWORD?!?!?!


@mrchrislowell: (screams…coughs…gurgle noises…quiet sobbing…silence)