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#VeronicaMarsRewatch with Amanda Noret (@amanda_noret) aka Madison Sincliar
Season 2, Episode 13: Ain’t No Magic Mountain High Enough


Q: You seem like the nicest person.  How hard is it to step into the role of Madison?

A: It wasn’t that hard because I knew a LOT of b**ches in high school.  I learned from the best!

Credit: @sapph13


Q: How do VM fans react when they see you in real life?

A: I don’t know!  They stare at me for a long time and then walk away, usually!  Come say hi, people!  I’ll kiss your babies!!!

Credit: @ourdaysarehere


Q: Did you get to keep anything from the set?

A: Ok, let’s see…I kept a blue robe from a bathing suit scene.  I kept the yellow stuffed monkey from this episode.  What else?

Credit: @SteveMcQuilan


Q: Was it hard or fun to be so mean?

A: I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-Y fun! The evil stare was the best part of my job!

Credit: @seriosilly


Q: Can you tell us about auditioning for Madison?  Was she who you originally auditioned for?

A: She was TOTALLY who I originally auditioned for.  I found out I got the part the same day!

Credit: @VMepicLoVe


Q: How did you feel when you knew the Veronica Mars Movie was finally happening?

A: Mostly I was just SO excited and hoped I would get to be part of the #VeronicaMarsMovie.  I emailed @RobThomas right away!

Credit: @RuleDaHouse


Q: What was your favorite episode to film?

A: Favorite episodes to film would be this one (Ain’t No Magic Mountain High Enough) and A Trip To The Dentist.  That one was pretty fun.  But what I always REALLY wanted was for a @veronicamars musical episode.

Credit: @swiftiefan6


Q:  What o you imagine Logan and Madison’s hook up in aspen to have been like?

A: suuuuuuper steamy!!!

Credit: @Applemysteries


Q:  So funny seeing bitchy Maddy juxtaposed with your happy tweets.  Could you have hit the target if you tries for real?

A: Almost definitely not. 

Credit: @House4545


Q:  All time favorite Madison line?

A: It HAS to be “Because whore had too many letters.”

Credit: @miazapanta


Q:  What do you miss most about veronica mars?

A: The things I miss most?  The cast/crew & being part of a show with such an awesome cult following.

Credit: @swiftiefan6


Q: How was it when @IMKristenBell bitch slapped you?

A:  It was epic!  Wouldn’t everyone want to be bitch slapped by @IMKristenBell??!?!?

Credit: @unwindingcable


Q:  How do you think Madison would react to knowing she and Mac were switched at birth?

A:  Don’t know.  We’d have to ask @RobThomas!

Credit: @ShelleyHayhurst


Q: Will you be at the LA premiere?  Would love to meet you!

A: HELLLL YEAH I’ll be at the LA premiere!  See you there!

Credit: @Lola_Here


Q:  Do you believe a sort of truce if not friendship between Veronica and Madison could ever happen?

A:  I actually think so.  I really do!  I think in a deep way.  Madison actually respects Veronica.

Credit: @bloodshedepic


Q:  So the most important question here is have you beat Candy Crush, or will I be stealing your phone at the after party? ;)

A:  Steal my phone, girl.  PLEASE.

Credit: @scgirl_at_heart


Q:  If you could have had Madison interact with any character (romantically or otherwise) who would it be?

A: Well, I never got to do a scene with @ricocolantoni.  I don’t know about romantic, but on a personal level it would have been great.

Credit:  @mahalasarah


Q:  Are there any VM hairstyles that make you cringe? @PDaggsIII had trouble with his season two hair.

A:  YES!!!! I dyed my hair brown right before a flashback episode, so I had to wear a wig.  Terrible.  In one episode, I also had a glorified mullet. LOL

Credit: @hyannah77


Q:  Have you ever given someone a real “trip to the dentist’?

A:  Not yet.  Watch your back.

Credit: @epicTrueLoVe


Q:  What was fave character on the show (besides Madison)?

A:  I’ve gotta say, I had a soft spot for the stoner dude.  (@JonathanChesner!)

Credit: @toomuchtelly


Q:  Without spoiling, is Madison where you expected her to be at her 10 year reunion?

A:  Without spoiling, for SURE.

Credit: @Lola_Here


Q:  If you could have been another character boy or girl who would you have loved to play?

A:  Hmmm…probably Dick?  He was such a fun character.  Plus, then I’d get to date myself!!! LOL

Credit: @AliceMcCarthy13


Q:  What do you hope fans take away the most from the legacy that is #VeronicaMars?

A:  I..uh…umm.  Uh.  That’s an intense question!  I need some time for this one. #AskVMAgainLater

Credit: @StarryMag


Q:  Favourite relationships, either romantic or non-romantic on the show?

A:  Madison and Mac’s secret love affair?  (Love you @tinamajorino!)

Credit: @bloodshedepic


Q:  What were you doing when you heard that the VM movie was being made?  What was the first thing you did?

A:  Ran around my mom’s house in my pajamas?

Credit: @mollielue


Q:  Logan or Piz?!?

A:  Can I just not get involved?  Dick.  Always Dick.

Credit: @Lola_Here


Q:  What’s your favorite kind of cookie?

A:  Gluten-free oatmeal raisin!

Credit: @ELSchaaf


Q:  Can we be best friends?  I will buy you a taco, and moustache sunglasses to go with your kickass mug

A:  haha.  Done.

Credit: @CharlieMusgron


Q:  Any specific songs you would’ve liked to have Madison sing in this? (Veronica Mars musical episode) 

A:  This is the most exciting question anyone has ever asked me.  “I’m A Bitch” by Meredith Brooks.  No, that’s not right.  What would be a good ironic song for Madison?

Credit: @jamlin_


Q:  What television shows are you addicted to?

A:  Right now, I’m watching Homeland, Parenthood, and Modern Family!

Credit: @scgirl_at_heart


Q:  What’s your favorite memory from filming VM?

A:  During a really late night, between takes we all ended up dancing in rolling chairs in the school.

Credit: @MerWare


Q:  Were you ever the mean girl in high school?

A:  I hung out with everybody in high school.  I was a theater nerd AND a cheerleader.

Credit: @MerWare


Q: Did you feel really bad on set when you knocked Tessa into the tank?

A: Yes, because she was legitimately cold.  I’m pretty sure it was REALLY cold that night.

Credit: @StevieMcQuillan


Q:  What’s a show (on or off air) you’ve always wanted to guest star on?

A: ……………….I Love Lucy?

Credit: @CharlieMusgron


Q:  Did it feel different filming the movie compared to shooting the show?

A:  Of course!  It was SO different.  We had all grown up & hadn’t seen each other in SO long.  But I think the most exciting thing was having backers on set & seeing how excited everyone was!

Credit: @Emtifahp


Q:  What is your personal weakness at the craft services table on sets?

A:  Red Vines, but they’re not gluten-free, so I can’t have them anymore.  I’ve grown to love chocolate.  * sigh *

Credit: @epicTrueLove


Q:  Would you ever like to come to Ireland?  Maybe a pint of Guinness?  Be great craic.  Leixlip best place.

A: I truly believe that I need to go to Ireland.  And CRAIC is my new favorite word.

Credit: @StevieMcQuillan


Q:  If you could have Madison date anyone besides Dick who would it be???

A: Didn’t Madison already date, like, literally everyone on the show?

Credit: @ShaianneRae


Q:  You know I’m gonna be at the NYC premiere.  Can you sneak me into the after party a la Veronica? ;)

A:  Awwww….I won’t be in NYC!

Credit: @ELSchaaf


Q:  This (Veronica Mars musical episode) leads me to ask if @ivanovitch has video of you singing karaoke.

A:  I don’t know.  If he does he can share it.

Credit: @VMepicLoVe


Q:  I seriously cry at every episode of Parenthood.  Do you?


Credit: @IMCarianne723


Q:  What would be your dream role?  Movie or TV (other than Madison)

A:  First, thank you for saying OTHER than Madison…. In the past, I would have LOVED to be Satine in Moulin Rouge.  That would be my dream.

Credit: @sapph13


Q:  Would you ever do another TV series?

A:  Yes!

Credit: @drhoads679


Q:  So I’m guessing you did plays in school?  Any favorites?  Is that how you got into acting?

A:  Well, naturally, I did Annie.

Credit: @bloodshedepic


Q:  Do you have a personalized vanity license plate like Madison?  You don’t have to say what it is if you do.

A:  I dream of having a personalized vanity license plate one day!

Credit: @epicTrueLove


Q:  Anything you wish your character could have done that she never got to do?

A:  You’re trying to trick me!  Not going to happen.

Credit: @sapph13


Q:  Who do we have to use the almighty marshmallow power on to get you on as a Braverman?

A:  I don’t know, but figure it out!  This is your mission.  You shall choose to accept it.

Credit: @CharlieMusgron